Musée du 5 juin 1944



  •  Musée du 5 juin 1944 , 4 bis Av. de la Marne, 59200 Tourcoing
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On 5th of June 1944 at 21.15pm, a German officer intercept a signal with a English poem which was the code for the Allied invasion’s in Europe. He reported back but nobody took him seriously.

From 01.20am until 18.30pm Germans in Normandy were sending continuous requests to this small communication center in Tourcoing for assistance but everybody was scared to wake Hitler up. When Hitler woke up eventually, was informed and replied that the invasion in Normandy is a trick and none of 230.000 soldiers from Tourcoing area to be mobilized for assistance.

How different would everything be if the Tourcoing center gave the order for troops to move to Normandy!

Book your tour for this amazing museum and ask for the English speaking tour guide. A passionate history lover guide will explain everything is great detail!

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 Musée du 5 juin 1944 , 4 bis Av. de la Marne, 59200 Tourcoing